Business to Business

Does another business owe you money? We can assist you with the recovery of money owed to you from your past due invoices in Florida and Nationwide.

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Medical & Healthcare

Fully HIPAA compliant Florida Collection Agency can help you with past due patients and get you paid for services rendered.

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Landlord Tenant

Do not let those tenants disappear into the night with your rent money. We have professional and experienced skip tracing experts ready to locate your debtors.

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Choosing A Debt Collection Agency!

Which type of collection agency to select when attempting to recover funds owed to you can be a daunting task if you have no idea what’s out there. The main decision you will have to go with firstly is whether to stay with an in house collection agency (accounts handled by your own internal staff) or to move your collections efforts to an outside third party collections agency. There are some internal markers that will help you achieve the decision on how to select either a flat fee or contingency based collection service. When selecting between the two keep in mind the age of the account, type of debt owed, historical data on you own success with obtaining the funds owed to you, and how much valuable time you can invest in such past due customers. The age of the account tips the scale of importance when levying your options with collecting money owed. Statistically your highest chance of success when collecting on aging receivables is within the first 90 days. Typically 46% of your past due accounts will fall into this category and will be paid or settled. Past the ninety day window your chances at collection are reduced significantly. For the majority of business owners, medical practices, and landlords you want to get your case to a collection agency within the first 30 days of delinquency.