Florida Medical Debt Collections

Medical Debt Collections in Florida.

We source your medical claims to the best in the collection industry. Top notch medical collection agencies that adhere to HIPAA standards as well as the Fair Debt Collection Practices act. State of Florida Medical Debt Collection Agencythe art tracking and electronic skip tracing allows the agencies we provide you with the ability to track down, and demand payments from your debtor.  Utilizing this technology assists in the streamlining of the collection process and allows our agencies the ability to increase their efficiency in order to make every account profitable for your company.

Some common mistakes made by consumers when dealing with their care takers and healthcare providers.

Medical Insurance:

Two common mistakes:
1) Believing that their insurance company is responsible for paying your medical bills and,
2) Thinking medical providers are required to bill your insurance company.

The truth is, patients as consumers are responsible for their own medical bills. This means patients must ensure their insurance company is billed in a timely manner and billed correctly. It also means they must follow up in a timely manner to ensure the medical debt gets paid.

As a convenience for you, most medical providers will offer to bill your insurance company. Accepting their offer does not relieve you of the responsibility of ensuring the medical bill gets paid. It’s not uncommon for medical providers to submit medical bills after an insurance company’s deadline for filing. In some cases, the provider may, for a number of odd reasons, not submit the medical bill at all.

Regardless of the reason, the bottom line is that the consumer is still responsible for paying off the medical debt.

In some cases, their insurance company may reject the bill or flat out refuse to pay. If this happens, the medical provider will expect you to pay the bill and, unless you’ve disputed the debt, you are legally expected to pay the bill in a timely manner. The fact that your insurance company did not pay is not the medical provider’s concern! You may have to argue with your insurance company or go through dispute resolution but, the medical provider is entitled to timely payment. You may have to pay the provider yourself and then work with your insurance company to get reimbursed.

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